Clear The Shelters with North Shore Animal League
August 15, 2015

North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill shelter in the country, is having a HUGE event today, August 15th. All adoption fees are waived! They're trying to clear their New York shelter, and by the look of their social media posts, they're doing a great job. There were lines out the door this morning! 

If you're interested in a new furry family member, head to Port Washington, NY today by 10pm (or your local shelter) to rescue an animal in need. See what you should bring with you to be able to adopt, and learn more about North Shore Animal League here.  If you aren't able, share this post to bring more awareness to their campaign!

Below are some of the adorable cats and dogs available at the shelter today.

Do you have a rescue pet? We'd love to hear about (and see) them in the comments! 🙂