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Beer Up Bracket [March Madness Style]
March 25, 2016

Happy March Madness!

While we're not huge basketball fans in our home, you know we love beer. So what could be better than being able to participate in Beer Up Blog's March Madness-style tournament? Instead of basketball, we're voting on brewers. Follow the action HERE!

How Do I Vote?
​1.  Each time you drink one of the beers from the contestants, you can check it in with the hashtag #beerupbracket .  If you are using the Untappd app, make sure you place the #beerupbracket first and enable twitter sharing.  You can use the hashtag on any check in but only those brewers in the tournament are tallied.
​2.  Vote using the interactive voting form 
3.  Vote in the comments of the blog post regarding the beerup bracket. 

What Brewers are involved?
Scroll down to the bottom of this page for regions, first round matchups and seedings

How were the seedings determined?
All details regarding selection criteria, voting, omissions and rules can be found at the first blog post regarding the Beer Up Bracket


Who are you rooting for?


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