Food Review: One Block East
July 20, 2015

After our long interview with Steve at Barrage Brewing, he recommended we go check out the food at One Block East in Wantagh, NY. The spot that One Block East currently inhabits has had some bad luck over the last handful of years. At one time, a favorite of mine, Long Island Cheeseburger was pumping out delicious burgers with milkshakes and lime rickeys. Then it changed ownership a few times and slowly died a painful and awful tasting death. Another restaurant took the spot soon after and was even more disappointing with overpriced semi-decent food.

I trusted Steve's recommendation and hoped that One Block East could fill that missing space in my brain, heart, and chubby gut. Ann Marie and I went with my Mom and were hoping we could impress her as she is the exact opposite of me: not a beer drinker and excellent food is unimportant. Her diet consists of egg whites, salads, and protein shakes.

We were very excited and graciously welcomed into the gastropub by employee, Beth, and owner, Jay. The menu and craft beer listing were impressive and eclectic. Our group was craving seafood, although One Block East boasts their bbq selections. Upon seeing other plates, we knew that the seafood would be just as good if not better.

Ann Marie ordered an Allagash Brewing Curieux and I went with Blind Bat Brewery's Purgatory Porter. I was tempted to go with something crazy but settled on something I know I would enjoy with the large amount of food we were about to order.

We started our meal with their "OBE" grilled clams. These weren't your everyday clams though as these were smothered in spinach and artichoke dip. I was a little taken aback by the combination (I love both food items, but was unsure of how they'd taste together) but fell in love. We got half a dozen and each took down two. Definitely an awesome way to start.

For our main meals, we all took the lobster route and went with three very, very good dishes. Ann Marie ordered the lobster nachos, my Mom got the lobster tacos, and I got the lobster BLT. Each item was loaded with lobster meat and a ton of flavor. Lobster salad is a pretty simple item to concoct but many try too hard to throw in an extra ingredient or two that just make it too over the top or underwhelming. One Block East uses a tasty combo of mayonnaise and some sort of mustard (Jay, if you're reading this, please let me know! I can't remember!) and makes it absolutely perfect. Each dish was filling and enjoyable.

The three of us were ready to leave after our meals as we were full and tired. Beth and Jay informed us that we were not allowed to leave until we tried the dessert. We received three deconstructed mason jar plates -- a strawberry rhubarb; not too sweet, and had a ton of flavor, Campfire (s'mores) mousse; very sweet and just over the top good, and lastly, the Pecan Bacon Bourbon Pie. I can't really find words to describe that one. All I can say: if you get these desserts, make sure to grab a spoon full of the Pecan Pie with the S'mores at the same time. Your thoughts on desserts will never be the same.


Now full, tired, drunk on incredible food, and ready to go home, Jay and Beth sent us on our way, making sure to shake our hands and thanking us for visiting. We plan on going back as soon as possible to try their barbecue. You all should go soon too.

Check them out at their website and Facebook. They post plenty of mouthwatering pictures.