Accidental Discoveries
March 24, 2015

As many of you, I’m sure, I’m a big proponent of social media. (I’m actually a Social Media Manager in my day job.) Because of this, it’s no surprise that my most recent baking discovery started from something I saw on Pinterest.

I frequently browse Pinterest, sometimes for recipes, but mostly for ideas. While there are some beer baking recipes, the majority of the time I see something that is a traditional cake/cookie/brownie/etc., get inspired by it, and use the idea to create a brew baked good.

I’ve been looking for healthy snack ideas, and, as you probably know, a handful of nuts falls into that category. I’ve been looking up spice ideas to give us a bit of variety, and realized I could use a stout to give them a nice caramel-like coating. (Note: not healthy, but delicious.)

Cut to me actually experimenting with a recipe and putting everything together. Not enough pecans to use all the liquid. At first I thought it was just a waste, but ended up throwing the rest of the liquid on the pan to see what happened. (See how I zoomed in on the pecans so you can’t see the extra liquid on the outside?)

BEerCRAFTY Stout Pecans

What happened? Gooey caramel. Delicious, sweet, chewy stout caramel.

(The pecans are delicious, too!)

What happens now? Time to remake the recipe, remove all pecans, and see if it sets similarly. Fingers crossed!

Have you made any accidental discoveries while baking (with or without beer?)