Quick Tastings: Wicked Pissa IPA
December 30, 2014

Wicked Pissa IPA. I’ve been saving this for…I’m not sure what? But a day when I needed something Wicked Pissa. Today was that day. I’m happy to say the taste itself hasn’t disappointed. It has a sharp, bitter, hoppy taste with a light mouthfeel. Very drinkable (coming from someone who loves hoppy beer). Unfortunately, the […]

I enjoy a good s’more just like every other American. The thought of toasting marshmallows for them over the fire pit is even better. While Off Color Brewing’s Dino Smores isn’t the winter version of that feeling, it’s still delicious and season-appropriate. And at 10% ABV can warm you up like that fire pit. Thoughts: […]

From the moment you pop open the bottle, you’re hit with spice. The scent very much reminded me of a Christmas cookie. Not in the texture or lightness, but in flavor and smell. The mouthfeel is where I got the sense of molasses, like that of gingerbread, caused by the malt. While drinking it, I […]

Quick Tastings: True German Beers
November 27, 2014

Thanks to my sister who is living in Germany currently, we had the opportunity to taste some true German beers that she brought home in her suitcase. While one of them ended up being similar to a shandy (it was beer mixed with lemonade), the rest we tried were great. The mix would have been […]

    Being a native of Southern New England, I could not have been more excited when I heard that Narragansett Beer was teaming up with Del’s to create a shandy. Summer immediately brings to mind hot days swimming in┬áthe lake, and sitting on the street for the Arnold Mills’ Fourth of July Parade, where […]