Lululemon’s Curiosity Lager
August 5, 2015

After your yoga session, are you ready for an ice cold beer? (I mean, I am, but is that the norm?) If you are, Lululemon is ready for you. Announced on their Instagram account, they are releasing “Curiosity Lager”. Regardless of if you are a leggings-wearing, namaste-sharing yoga lover, you have to give credit to […]

Founder’s Brewing announced a new Untappd badge in honor of IPA Day this Thursday (but it’s available from 8/3-9/3).    The Hop Fourward badge can be earned by checking in to 2 of the 4 Founder’s IPAs below during the time frame: All Day IPA Centennial IPA Double Trouble Red’s Rye IPA Are you on […]

Little Known Facts About Beer
August 3, 2015

Flavored Delights put together an infographic with 29 Little Known Facts About Beer. Many of them, you probably know, but there were a few interesting tidbits I found. With such a crowded marketplace, craft beer marketing and advertising is becoming more and more creative. I was surprised to see that the first beer ad was […]

We all know the shandy (many definitions), or maybe a snakebite (beer + hard cider), but do you know there are way more mixed drinks with beer you can make? Shandy While doing research, I was surprised to realize how many different definitions there are for a shandy recipe. The go-to shandy in my eyes […]

A bold mission, to attempt to name the best craft brewery in every state. Even the writers of this Thrillist post don’t claim to have done it without many arguments, and they acknowledge that the process was not scientific. We know. Everyone’s tastes are different, and an IPA head and stout lover probably wouldn’t agree on […]

Check out the Esquire article here¬†! Reach out, tell us your favorite beer in your state! In Esquire’s piece “The Most Common Beer in Your State Is Probably Meh” you’re provided a map of the most common beer featured on menus by state.¬†This is quite interesting. I think the most surprising thing is Samuel Adams […]

We’re both really excited to have our first in-person interview be with Steve Pominski, founder and brewer of the fantastic Barrage Brewing in Farmingdale on Long Island. Although a smaller brewery, we can say with confidence that Steve is brewing some of the most creative and delicious beer on the East Coast. You’ll see in […]

Hey beer drinkers, The heat and humidity are here. The AC is set up and on high, the flip flops are out of storage and most importantly: the beers are ice cold. As I sit outside in my tiny Astoria backyard with my pup, my Macbook, and my puddle of sweat, I decided to start […]

Wow. Okay. I’ve been excited to try the Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA since I first heard of it, and we were able to pick one up in a mixed six pack last weekend. We made dinner tonight (a couple of hot dogs), and while I was sipping the beer, I was wondering if I’d […]

Must Buy: Queens Beer Book
July 6, 2015

People around the craft beer industry want to live in Brooklyn, NY when they hear about the unique offering from Brokelyn: the Brooklyn Beer Book. Those of you in Queens, rejoice! The Queens Beer Book has arrived and it is fantastic. “The NYC craft beer scene has been growing like crazy, and Queens has been […]