Two Roads to Release Three Sours
October 14, 2015

I’ll be honest: I haven’t jumped on the sour train yet. I know most snobs are all about it, but I haven’t found one that really made me think, “wow, I need to drink more of these.”

I will fully admit, though, that I’ve only tried them while eating food, so we can probably blame it on that.

BUT. I do enjoy Two Roads Brewing thoroughly, and perhaps these could change my mind.

Two Roads in debuting three sour beers at their annual “Sourcopia” event in November. Get there early, because it’s first-come, first-served, and each person in line can take home two bottles of each release, leaving you with a nice six pack to enjoy Saturday evening.

We recommend sharing and having an at-home tasting, but feel free to be greedy.

Learn more about the event on their website.

Tell us: Do you like sours?