Spring Means Hops
May 6, 2015

It’s Spring, which means it’s okay to start slowly climbing out of our stout and porter caves. (Not to say we won’t be drinking those year ’round.)

Spring has sprung and with it, flowers are in our faces. What do flowers mean to this beer lover? HOPS.

Yeah, yeah, I know hops are in plenty of different styles of beer, but I feel like this weather allows them to come to the forefront, flavor-wise.

What does this mean for me? Bringing that flavor into some new treats. There’s a long list of items I’ve been waiting to try until these hoppy beers came out of hibernation. I’ll be trying some subtle options, but also going all out with some Palate Wrecker (Green Flash Brewing) and Party Boat IPA (Port Jeff Brewing Company).

Do you have any hoppy beers you think I should try in my baking? 

More importantly: who wants to taste test? 


Photo credit: Hops via photopin (license)