Must Buy: Queens Beer Book
July 6, 2015

People around the craft beer industry want to live in Brooklyn, NY when they hear about the unique offering from Brokelyn: the Brooklyn Beer Book. Those of you in Queens, rejoice! The Queens Beer Book has arrived and it is fantastic.

Queens Beer Book

"The NYC craft beer scene has been growing like crazy, and Queens has been at the forefront of that growth. Five new breweries have opened their doors to Queens beer drinkers in the past three years alone, with two more on the way" 

- Cat Wolinski, NYC-based beer writer who curated the Queens Beer Book

For its first year, the Queens Beer Book hit a good portion of the borough's neighborhoods, including Long Island City, Astoria, Ridgewood, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Glendale and Bayside.

For anyone new to craft beer, new to the community, or just someone who wants to explore (and get a great deal), the Queens Beer Book is a must buy. Who could ignore 30 beers for $30, while supporting and exploring your city?

This certainly isn't for those looking for a pub crawl. Take in your surroundings, chat with your bartenders, and learn about these spots you may not have visited before. You have through December of this year to use your free beer tickets. When you visit the below spots, make sure you tip your bartenders and use the hashtag #queensbeerbook. Let us know when you're out and about, using your Queens Beer Book--we'd love to meet up for a drink!

Buy your #QueensBeerBook HERE.

Come back to this post: We'll be updating about each of the 30 bars on this list.

Queens Beer Book Featured Breweries:

  1. Finback Brewery
  2. LIC Beer Project
  3. Rockaway Brewing Company
  4. SingleCut Beersmiths

Queens Beer Book Featured Bars & Restaurants:

  1. Alewife
  2. Alobar
  3. Astoria Beer & Brew
  4. Austin Public
  5. Austin's Ale House
  6. Bierleichen
  7. Blackbird's
  8. Bourbon Street
  9. Bowery Bay
  10. Cobblestones Pub
  11. Crescent & Vine
  12. Fatty's Cafe
  13. Forest Hills Station House
  14. Front Toward Enemy
  15. Judy & Punch
  16. Julia's Beer & Wine Bar
  17. Katch Astoria
  18. Max Bratwurst Und Bier
  19. Mosaic Craft Beern & Wine Bar
  20. Ovelia
  21. Postscriptum Pizza Shop
  22. Queens Kickshaw
  23. Rest-au-Rant
  24. The Sandwich Bar
  25. Snowdonia
  26. The Sparrow Tavern
  27. Sunseick 35/35
  28. William Hallet

(p.s. YES there are actually 32 spots on this list!)