New Brew Experiences: The Beer Run | [Video]
June 28, 2015

The beer run is one of the many new brew experiences that are popping up around the country. Everyone seems to want to add beer to something else (and no complaints here). There are a couple of different beer run companies around, national and local.

Beer Run - The Brew Mile


The Brew Mile combines running and beer, which some may think could end badly (and does for many), but the money they raise gets donated to charities local to their races. You pay $45 to run a mile while drinking a beer every quarter mile, and end the event with an open bar at the end. Katie Nolan, of Garbage Time on Fox Sports, attempted to take on the feat on her own. Thankfully, she documented the whole experience on camera for us to see, below.




Beer Run - Craft Brew Races


Craft Brew Races is for the slightly more athletically gifted, and doesn’t challenge the stomach quite so much. This 5K welcomes both runners and walkers, and does not require mid-race drinking. The celebration at the end of the 5K is a 3 hour craft beer festival. Worth noting about Craft Brew Races is that they focus very much on supporting the local craft brew industry. For example, in their upcoming July event in Newport, RI, the participating breweries include Foolproof Brewing Company (Pawtucket, RI), Narragansett (Narragansett, RI), Grey Sail Brewing (Westerly, RI) and Cisco Brewers (Nantucket, MA).





“I didn’t stop, so…well maybe I stopped to puke, but that doesn’t count.” – Katie Nolan, after completing a beer run (video above).

Upcoming Beer Run Events: