Musings: Esquire Magazine’s Most Common Beer Map
July 21, 2015

Check out the Esquire article here ! Reach out, tell us your favorite beer in your state!

In Esquire's piece "The Most Common Beer in Your State Is Probably Meh" you're provided a map of the most common beer featured on menus by state. This is quite interesting.

I think the most surprising thing is Samuel Adams not being the most popular beer in Massachusetts or any other state in New England. I was convinced New Englanders only drank Dunkin Donuts and Boston Lager (totally kidding!). Coors Light and Miller Lite make total sense for the Mid-West as they are brewed and distributed there.

It was quite nice to see craft breweries Harpoon & Allagash make appearances in New Hampshire and Vermont as the top beers most likely to end up on a menu, along with Bell's in Kentucky. Pretty cool!

The least surprising item on the map: Dogfish Head in Delaware. The brewery is huge in their home state and the people continue to drink and support them. Why shouldn't they? The beer is quite incredible. 

Thanks for reading and checking out Esquire's Map.