Little Known Facts About Beer
August 3, 2015
Flavored Delights put together an infographic with 29 Little Known Facts About Beer. Many of them, you probably know, but there were a few interesting tidbits I found.

With such a crowded marketplace, craft beer marketing and advertising is becoming more and more creative. I was surprised to see that the first beer ad was found from as early at 4,000 B.C.
Brewers are creative, but if the oldest recipe is 4,000 years old…I wonder if there’s any recipe really left.

Also, did you know that we, as beer enthusiasts, can be called cerevisaphiles? Break that out at your next party, and really up your “beer snob” reputation.

Number 15 sounds good to me! Women who drink 2-3 beers per day are smarter. But we knew that already.

Kevin wrote about President Obama’s beer in a previous post. I’m not so sure about that “Bro-bama” nickname, though.

Of all of these, remember one of the last–store your beer upright. It reduces the chance of oxidization and your beer will taste better!

29 interesting facts of beer

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