Foolproof Brewing Travels to Maine
April 6, 2016


Central Distributors is bringing Foolproof Brewing Company and its delicious beers to Maine. 

“It’s a thrill to be expanding our distribution in Maine, particularly going into spring and summer, which is peak beer season. Partnering with Central’s experienced and reputable team, we look forward to introducing Foolproof’s brews to beer lovers across the entire state of Maine.” - Nick Garrison - President and Founder, Foolproof 

I'm sure Mainers will enjoy having Barstool American Golden Ale, Backyahd IPA, and even Raincloud Robust Porter just in time for the warmer weather. It will be interesting to see if their Peanut Butter version of the Raincloud heads north as well (along with what other specialty brews). 

If you're from Maine--will you be heading to your local store to try some Foolproof?