DIY Gifts for Beer Lovers Art
DIY Christmas Gifts for the Craft Beer Fan
October 21, 2015

You may think it's early for a post including the word "Christmas" in the title, but for those of you looking to DIY--it's not. Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas for your loved ones, and planning.

Ah, planning.

I am great at the brainstorming portion of holiday gift giving, but making the decision and giving myself enough time? That I need to work on. And as I say every year:

This year will be different!

But seriously. Different this year. If you have any craft beer lovers in your family, like I do, I have some great suggestions. But don't worry: even if you don't, there are some crafty ideas that will be personal and show your personality at the same time.



Crochet Growler Holder

Fully customizable based on size and shape, plus you can play around with and add colors, patterns, initials, or anything else you can think of!

Bottle Cap Art

If you're handy with a mallet, and have plenty of beer bottle caps collected, you can create artwork with the results of your imbibing. Or, we're loving these options from The Art of Drinking Beer! 

Ceramic Coasters

A gift that's great even for non-craft beer lovers, show every part of your creativity with custom coasters. Customize with an image or beer label, or draw by hand with sharpies, or paint your favorite design!

Craft Beer Quote Art

Craft Beer Quote Art

Good people drink good beer. Don't worry, be hoppy. There are endless craft beer quotes that you can use! Pick one, design the words and print it on beautiful stock, and frame it for a simple, perfectly customizable gift. 

Crochet Coasters

If yarn is more your forte, give your friends the gift of a clean table with crochet coasters. Customize with a design, special shape (like Mickey Mouse ears for your Disney-loving friends), or the colors of their favorite sports team.

Crochet Koozies

Protect their hands, protect their drinks. Give your Harry Potter-loving friends the colors of their Hogwarts house, or combine two skeins for a multi-colored koozie in their favorite shades. Share your love of the scarlet speedster or Oliver Queen. The possibilities are endless!